At The Open Road Camp & Café, you can enjoy a stay in our luxury swiss tents in Manali  & the hospitality of our little pop up café.

The welcoming Camp & Café is a culmination of the wanderlust itch & insatiable passion for all things adventure, motorcycles & travel of a biker couple who have set up this camp to provide a comfortable accommodation in swiss tents in Manali.

Being adventure travelers & bikers ourselves, we know just what you are looking for to unwind & soak in the exciting experiences of the Himalayas, right in the lap of serene Manali.

If you are the nomad on wheels or just a traveler, our camp with well appointed and cozy luxury tents in Manali is THE place where you can stay tuned to the ‘being one with nature’ vibe even off the road.

What’s more, our little café knows just what you need to refuel your body & soul after a long day on the highway. All this with the added rejuvenation of breathing in all things travel & motorcycles around you!

At The Open Road Camp & Café, we welcome anyone who shares our passion for anything adventure, travel, the outdoors & the open road.

Here’s a place amidst the mountains you petrolheads and travelers alike can call your own, while you unwind – listening to the river gushing past & satiate your interest to stay in a tent in Manali.

So revv it up, pull out your travel boots & take a journey with us as we reinvent our passion!